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KSH-23 Lighting Sheets - Anti Fog Mirror perfect for bathrooms - First Surface Mirror on both sides - See Thru Mirror with mirror on one side and transparency on the other - Non Glare/Satin Mirror - Marine Grade Mirror suitable for boats/yachts   
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Visions In Plastics Our colour reflection “The hardest and most  rewarding piece of work I have ever made” Liz West

"...stimulating people’s perception and experience of a space, with the hard edged concrete contrasting wonderfully with the soft colours..."  LIZ WEST

Our Colour Reflection is an ambitious new work by Liz West presented at 20-21 Visual Arts Centre, North Lincolnshire from 14 May until 25 June 2016.

"Our Colour Reflection creates a conversation between the viewer and the setting using more than 700 mirrors made of coloured acrylic. There are 15 colours in all and the mirrors with diameters of 30, 40, 50 and 60cm are set at different heights so that they both reflect the roof space of the old nave, revealing parts of the architecture that would otherwise be invisible, and project colour up into the historic interior. It is playful, elegant and engaging but also thoughtful.

Taking time to research and consider the history of the building and the weight of connotations it holds as a former place of worship, West has thought about stained glass and the importance of light within the space. ‘This has allowed me to make sure the work is grounded within its site but also holds its own voice within the grandeur and information that the space brings to the conversation,’ she says.

There is an element of performance to this work; it puts the audience to the fore, demanding a response, in West’s words ‘physically, emotionally, psychologically or even spiritually.’ Viewers will each have their own perspectives and their own experiences tempered by movement through the space and through time. By going unplugged here, West emphasises that while artificial light can be manipulated it can only, at best, replicate the dynamism, shifting mood and changes in quality embodied in natural light" - Francis Pearce

Photographs by Hannah Devereux

Coloured Acrylic Mirror supplied by Visions In Plastics

Mirror Applications

Autumn Lights


By using prisms, filters, refraction and reflection.

Table Tops


Acrylic Mirror adds a bit of glamour to your furniture.