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KSH-23 Lighting Sheets - Anti Fog Mirror perfect for bathrooms - First Surface Mirror on both sides - See Thru Mirror with mirror on one side and transparency on the other - Non Glare/Satin Mirror - Marine Grade Mirror suitable for boats/yachts   
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Q. How do you mount Fabback acrylic mirror?

A.  Mount to a smooth, rigid flat backing such 5/8” or 3/4" (15 or 20mm) plywood. The surface should be coated with a high quality paint or sealant to cover pockets and seal out moisture. Next, cover surface with mastic or adhesive. Another option is to drill oversized holes and hold it to the wall using screw fasteners. Do not over tighten. This may cause warping and distortion.

Q. Is Fabback acrylic mirror thermoformable?

A.  It is not recommended. The acrylic will stretch and the backing will fail. Shallow depths may work. Plastic sheet should be formed then plated.

Q. Can Fabback acrylic mirror be heat bent?

A. Yes, however, the mirror may blush at the bend especially when exposed to prolonged heat. Try samples for testing. Please refer to the FABBACK user’s Manual for instructions.

Q. What is the reflectivity of Fabback acrylic mirror?

A. Approximately 85-90%

Q. Can mirror be used for outdoor applications?

A. Outdoor use is not recommended due to expansion, contraction and moisture. If used outside, seal perimeter with silicon sealant (solvent free) and protect paint backing.

Q. How can scratches in the paint backing be prevented from showing through the front?

A. Minor scratches can be repaired on the backside by applying a small amount of argent (silver metallic) paint over the scratch.

Q. How can scratches on the front side be repaired?

A.  Minor scratches can be subdued by polishing with wax. Large scratches can be treated with lamb’s wool pad and buffing with a light abrasive rubbing compound.

Q. Can hard coated sheet be glued?

A. No, the hard coat will resist adhesive chemicals.

Q. Can hard coated sheet be screen-printed?

A. Standard inks will not adhere to the coating. Contact your ink supplier for possible ink alternative.

Q. What fire ratings does Fabback acrylic mirror meet?

A.  The acrylic for Fabback acrylic mirror sheet meets a CC2 fire rating by ICBO. Polycarbonate meets CC1.

Q. Can you engrave or laser etch acrylic mirror?

A. You can engrave or laser etch the back of the mirror but it is recommended that you test on a sample first.

Q. What masking is used for laser cutting acrylic and mirror?

A. 2 mill polyfilm on standard acrylic mirror, 3 mill polyfilm on coloured acrylic mirror. Papermask.

Q. What paint is recommended for painting the back of the mirror sheet?

A.  Acrylic water based paint.

Q. How to remove backing from PETG mirror?

A. Can use Caustic Soda which is really an oven cleaner. Another name is Sodium Hydroxide. You need to quickly wipe with a wet rag - no liabilities on this one.

Q. Is the Extruded Acrylic mirror food area approved?

A.  The Acrylic substrate for standard clear mirror meets FDA food regulations in 21 CFR 177.1010 (Acrylic and Modified Acrylic Plastics, Semi-rigid and Rigid). However the mirror backing does not. If the food is only exposed to the acrylic side of the mirror only, then it should be fine.

Q. What are the tolerances on the sheets?

A.  The thickness tolerance on ALL of the sheets is +/- 10% across the sheet. The sheets are oversized in length and width and can vary to allow for fabrication and handling.

Q. Is the Acrylic mirror conductive?

A. Yes, the aluminium reflective layer is conductive.

Q. Does the Acrylic mirror have a ECCN (Export Control Classification Number)?

A. Yes, EAR99.

Q. How can you clean the grey paint?

A. We do not recommend cleaning the grey paint and we strongly discourage using any liquid or abrasive (cleaning cloth). We would suggest blowing off with air if it must be cleaned.

Q. Can the Polycarbonate mirror be UV ink printed?

A. Yes the uncoated (non Armadillo) Polycarbonate mirror can be UV printed.

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Versatile fabrication properties with good impact strength and design flexibility.

Coloured Acrylic Mirror


The most popular lightweight and flexible coloured mirror substrate available in 20 colours.